Ensemble Horizonte

The German ENSEMBLE HORIZONTE has devoted itself since 1990, in various formations, not only, but above all, to contemporary music. More important than any stylistic definition, was and is the desire to create contexts through thematic focus and to address specific spatial situations. This also allows the unprepared listener orientation in the sound world of modernity. Thus, relationships between traditional and modernity as well as interactions between music and other art genres serve as the key for new experiences, which also open the exciting world of contemporary sound languages to a wide audience without prior knowledge, but with courage and adventure.

ENSEMBLE HORIZONTE collaborates with various theatres, with renowned guest artists and composers, with German broadcasters and various organizers in Germany and abroad. It’s home base "Klangwerkstatt Detmold" has had it's own concert series since 2007.

ensemble horizonteConceptional and artistic director and acclaimed composer Dr. Jörg-Peter Mittmann, winner of many awards, is one of the original founders of ENSEMBLE HORIZONTE. Having studied composition, theory, philosophy and history, he has, besides being a sought speaker, written many articles on topics e.g. of subjectivity, speech analysis and aesthetics.



„Hier kann das fabelhafte Ensemble Horizonte seine ganze Klangdelikatesse in die Waagschale werfen!“ (Fono-Forum 9-2013)

„I cannot imagine a more winning performance.” (Fanfare 3/4 2013)

„Die vier Solisten, das Ensemble Horizonte, der Dirigent Jörg-Peter Mittmann – alles erstklassig und beeindruckend.“ (Ostthüringische Zeitung, 27.10.2012)


Dante Montoya; Sabine Ochsenhofer (Flute)
Jörg-Peter Mittmann (Oboe)
Merve Kazokoglu; Shizuka Saito-Baak; Azusa Katayama (Clarinet)
Tomoko Yano-Ebmeyer (Bassoon)
Vincent Levesque; Hartmut Welpmann (Horn)
Shawn Grocott (Trombone)
Kostas Argyropoulos (Percussion)
Mirjam Schröder; Helene Schütz; Valeska Gleser (Harp)
Mareike Neumann; Milena Schuster; Frederic Ibàñyez i Vidal; Kjell Arne Jörgensen; Alexandra Herdieckerhoff (Violin)
Maria Pache; Alisa Smith; Veronique Bastian; Zeynep Tamay (Viola)
Martina Styppa; Johannna Zur (Violoncello)


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